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Become confident, competitive and creative
doctor of today & tomorrow.


Confident Doctor

Confidence comes from trained mind, body and soul. Being a doctor is already so difficult, yet a chronic sense of inadequacy always looms in back of your head.

We serve you to combat this feeling and guide you to become a true confident doctor, who is able to trust self and deliver exceptional results for patients, students and staff under your care.


Competitive & Creative Doctor


Clinical and laboratory diagnosis training for medical students, residents and praticing doctors.


Applied and basic biomedical research training for medical students, residents and practicing doctors


Empathatic care providing training for medical students, residents and practicing doctors.

Meet the founder

Dr. Jayant Ramawat


Becoming doctor was my childhood dream, seeing helpless patients came crying and leaving the hospital smiling was my first experience in a hospital at age 9, which inspired me to become a doctor one day. Now being one and able to help every patient heal faster and empowering them is like dream come true for me.

I started ScholarX, with a single objective to create a generation of unstoppable doctors with limitless potential who can change the course of future towards humanities best yet to come.

If you're a medical student, resident, practicing doctor or a medical aspirant, we are grateful to serve you towards your journey to become an unstoppable doctor of today & tomorrow.