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Our Mission

To create world-class skilled and happy healthcare individuals, teams, institutions and technologies those can serve any patient anytime, anywhere in the world.

Products & Services

3D Anatomy Atlas

Now view the most detailed human anatomy structures in 3D view. No need to download anything.

Meet the founder

Dr. Jayant Ramawat


Becoming doctor was my childhood dream, seeing helpless patients came crying and leaving the hospital smiling was my first experience in a hospital at age 9, which inspired me to become a doctor one day. Now being one and able to help every patient heal faster and empowering them is like a dream come true for me.

I started ScholarX, with a single objective, to create a generation of unstoppable healthcare symbiosis of skilled & talend people with cutting edge technologies with the limitless potential to change the course of future towards humanities best yet to come.

If you're a student or professional working in healthcare industry, we are grateful to serve you towards your journey to become an unstoppable force for great feats of today & tomorrow.